Our workroom, being in-home, is still operating.

We are minimizing social interaction for everyone’s safety by picking up/delivering projects at your front door. We’ve found that many projects can be picked up without having face to face interaction.

Send project pictures via text (239) 634-3186 or email so we can discuss pricing and ideas.

Check out our fabric vendors page to shop fabrics. Let us know your choices and we can have swatches mailed to you. If you’d prefer to peruse our fabric books email/text me with your color/content choices. I will collect a $25 deposit for each book and drop them off. Deposit is refunded upon book return and work order submission.


Protect your cherished furniture with washable slipcovers while giving your room a new look!

Fabric8Slipcovers is a soft home furnishings workroom in Southwest Florida. We accommodate the design trade and resourceful homeowners alike. We offer designer quality Slipcovers, as well as Window Treatments and Bedding. Please refer to our Services Page to see a complete listing of all the service we perform.

We supply many beautiful fabrics, performance and otherwise. And we realize the importance of choosing your fabrics in your home.  Since we want you to be able to see how your lighting affects each one differently, we will bring the fabric store to you. Just let us know your budget, preferred colors and/or fabric content preferences.  Home decor fabrics vary greatly in their price range, so it is helpful to know if you are more budget minded or “you want what you want” regardless of cost. This way you won’t have to fall in love with a fabric that is not in your budget.

Our measuring/template system allows you to keep most furniture pieces in your home during the fabrication process. On the same note, we’ve eliminated the hassle of delivering the furniture to our workroom. Our fabrication team will come to you home to take the measurements and show you fabrics. This same team will give your project their total focus from measuring to sewing and installing all while taking the extra time & attention to detail required to achieve the highest quality final product.

Automate your slipcover cleaning with our new Annual Slipcover Refresh Service. Or machine wash them on your own. We take care to preshrink in the hottest wash and dry possible prior to cutting and fabrication to curtail further shrinkage. After preshrinking, fabrics are treated with a safeguard formula that creates a chemical bond permanently protecting against spills and stains through future laundering. 

Schedule a custom consultation for us to assess your soft home furnishings projects. 

We look forward to creating with you!

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