Slipcover Basic Fabrics

Our home decor fabric selection consists of a few solid basics, the old standbys. These include cotton, linen, hemp and outdoor acrylic fabrics. We have swatches of most of these available for shipping to you (during the COVID-19 stay-at-home order). If we don’t have them in stock, we will get them and send to you as quickly as possible.


Fabric Swatch Books

In addition to these basics, we offer home decor fabrics from a myriad of suppliers.  Following is a list of our best suppliers for you to peruse. Happy Home Decor Fabric Shopping!

  • Premier Prints provides prints on a few different base fabrics at an economical price.

This next group of vendors is moderately priced with beautiful selections from a multitude of mills. This is where you will find the prints, textures, matelasse, velvet, suede, leather, etc. Crypton and Revolution are also found within these supplier’s websites. These performance fabrics are all the rage right now for their stain-fighting capacity. 

Although there are some moderately priced textiles here and there, we generally think these gems are best kept for small accent pieces or pillows to add a dramatic punch without diminishing your wallet. For top-of-the-line gorgeous fabrics, you’ll definitely want to check these out:


All fabrics are pre-shrunk before cutting to ensure minimum shrinkage in future laundering. It is obviously important that a slipcover is washable. Therefore, we also offer Stain-Free application to safeguard your fabrics that may not originate as performance fabrics, making them resistant to liquids and stains. Natural fabrics may have crocking that naturally occurs and is more noticeable on dark and fabrics.

Contact us to discuss your fabric interests and we’ll be happy to either personally send them or have our suppliers send them to you (until the COVID-19 crisis is over). We’ll be back to bringing the sample books to your home once life gets back to normal.